Skil 3320-01 with Laser Guide

Last Updated: 17.07.19


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1.1 Skil 10 Drill Press




The Skil 10” is probably the best SKIL drill press available on the market today, particularly if you are looking for a model that has been constructed with high-quality materials and is much larger compared to other units in the same line.

Thanks to its compact size, the product speaks to the needs of users who might have little space available for their woodworking or other activities.

The number of features in this product is truly impressive, as it has adjustable speeds and depth control as well as an adjustable work surface and laser sights.

Considering that it costs less than four hundred dollars, it is said that this drill press offers excellent value for the price. Let’s all take into account the fact that many other models are more expensive and practically do the same thing.




From what we’ve seen, there are no complaints reported by any customers on Amazon. This fact is mostly due to the ability of the item to do its job conveniently and efficiently.

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Main features explained


Both the motor and the fact that this device allows users to adjust the speed and customize it in accordance with their needs are two perks of owning and utilizing this drill press. For example, the speed of this alternative can be adjusted to five different RPMs, ranging from 750 to 3050. This is a net advantage, as one has to customize the speed depending on the task they have at hand. Changing the speeds of this product can be done by using a manual belt adjustment. Since some people might find the entire process to be a bit tedious, we recommend browsing through other models if you tend to change the speeds of the drill press very frequently.

1.3 Skil 10 Drill Press


  • Adjustable work table and laser beam system

Just as with speeds, selecting the right height of the work surface is mandatory depending on the material you’re using. The neat thing about the table that comes with this SKIL option is that it can even be tilted right or left up to 45 degrees. This is a crucial consideration for individuals who are interested in drilling angled holes. Furthermore, the unit has a laser beam system that makes sure that all the drills are absolutely precise. Accuracy is at the root of this model, after all, considering that adjusting and aligning the lasers is as easy as pie.


  • Great value for the price

Since the drill press is protected by a warranty that lasts three years and is, in fact, manufactured by one of the most esteemed brands in the industry, it goes without saying that there’s little to no chance of buyers having any trouble with customer support. In actuality, the SKIL customer service is well-known for it excellent responses and for its timely way of resolving the issues of buyers. Considering the high quality construction and the fact that it’s compatible with a variety of other drill bits, it’s safe to say that the SKIL 10” drill press is worth considering.


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