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What are the best demolition hammers in 2019?


If you only want to know what the best demolition hammer is, without going through our entire buying guide, read here the information you seek. We extensively compared the models available on the market, and we conclude that the Makita HM1307CB is the product you should consider for your first choice. Equipped with a powerful 14-amp motor, it is capable of withstanding any challenge without a glitch. You will love the ability to adjust the speed so that you can use this tool for various applications. The LED lights on the tool serve practical purposes, such as notifying you that you have to replace the brushes, or that there is some damage or failure you should be aware of. Is this model no longer available? The Makita HM1203C offers almost the same advantages, according to our research.



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A demolition hammer is an indispensable tool for anyone working in construction, as it serves to bring down entire walls, and can go through concrete floors. As you can see, there is nothing that can equal the force and utility of such a tool. Next, we will show you some traits of demolition hammers you should be aware of so that you can pick the right one.


The main types available


The first thing you should bear in mind is what kind of demolition hammer you need. You can choose between an electric demolition hammer and a pneumatic model. If you intend to use your tool for mostly small and DIY projects, an electric model is recommended.

It is easier to manipulate, as it does not come with all the extras a pneumatic model needs to function (such as an air compressor), and overall, it is a better tool for those who are just involved in demolition projects as a side gig. Usually, the cheap demolition hammers up for sale are electric.

Professionals, however, may want to browse through the pneumatic models available. The extra power provided ensures that the tool will go through the most robust materials available.



What bits and chisels are provided?


There can be many things we could talk about, but we want to offer you specific information for demolition hammers in particular. Check to see what bits and chisels are included or, at least, can be used with the tool you choose.

Each style of bits and chisels offers some advantages. For instance, a bull point bit is useful for general breaking, while spade chisels are excellent for concrete. Always search for the type of tool you need for the projects you intend to undertake.



Other things to look at


It is essential that you understand what features are the most important for you. The demolition hammer reviews you can read from users and experts alike can tell you that a variable speed feature is useful for handling multiple applications. Also, if you want to make a sound investment, choose a model with a metal housing, rather than plastic.

Do you intend to use your demolition hammer only for vertical work? Or do you need it for horizontal work, too? The latter requires that you pick a lightweight model.



Our recommendations


With so many demolition hammers for sale, it might not be easy to get the right one. Here are some excellent choices that will not let you down.



Makita HM1307CB


When searching for a good demolition hammer, the Makita HM1307CB should be on top of the list. Dealing with heavier tasks will not be an issue, as the 14-amp motor is enough to handle anything that might come your way.

One thing that you will love about this model is the Constant Speed control feature; this determines the tool to draw more power to ensure that the speed doesn’t drop when you’re dealing with more difficult tasks.

The model comes equipped with an adjustable dial for speed that also grants the model more versatility. Another thing you will appreciate about it is the presence of service and power lights that warn you that something happens to your tool.

For instance, you will be informed when you have to replace the brushes, or when there’s a switch failure.

This tool is built to last, from the motor that is engineered and outfitted with dual ball bearings, and copper commutator bars that make sure that the transfer of power is performed efficiently to the brushes. These brushes are designed for a longer lifespan than what you can typically find on the market.

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Makita HM1203C


In case you are looking for a demolition hammer that can be used for horizontal work, the Makita HM1203C may be right up your alley.

The hammer weighs 20.3 pounds, and it comes equipped with extra features that make it more efficient than other models on the market. For instance, the Constant Speed control ensures that you will not witness a drop in speed when you have to deal with challenging tasks.

That means that this tool is particularly versatile. You also get variable speed control, which means that you will be able to handle various projects with the same ease. The soft start feature makes sure that your tool provides excellent accuracy, accompanied by extra control.

As this manufacturer is dedicated to offering customers durable tools that can sustain a lot of wear and tear, it is no surprise that several features are focused on providing the user with this type of advantage.

The LED lights employed on the model will notify you when you have to change the brushes, and when there is damage to the cord or other failures you should know about.

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Bosch SDS-Max 11321EVS



One thing you will notice about this model right away is that it weighs only 13.7 pounds, and, for its weight, it provides 6.1 feet to pounds of impact.

In other words, this is a pretty powerful model, and you will be able to use it for a wide array of applications.

For anyone who is looking for a demolition hammer that doesn’t weigh a lot and can be used for DIY projects with ease, this one is a keeper.

The feature that may catch your eye right off the bat may be the Active Vibration Control. One of the issues many users find difficult to deal with is the amount of vibration produced by the tool.

With the help of this particular feature, you will see that the Bosch SDS-Max 11321EVS is more comfortable to work with.

Another thing that we must mention here is the Constant Response feature; this automatically draws the necessary power from the motor to sustain the same speed when you are working on difficult tasks.

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